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Armchair Styles Explained

You need a chair. You need a chair that is comfortable. You need a chair that enables you to avoid sitting beside another person unless you actually want to. This is going to be your chair and it’s going to have arms. Whether they’re for your arms, your drink, your book, your phone, they’re vital … Read more

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What Distance Should I Leave Between My Dining Chairs?

Evenly Spaced Dining Chairs

The day has come and your will is written and all must attend your illustrious dinner party to find their standing.  Everyone has bought themselves a new outfit with a price tag to match their expectations.  Depending on how things shape out, someone may be face first in a soup bowl. Well, hopefully not.  More … Read more

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How To Organise a Sideboard

Organised Sideboard

Ah, the beautiful sideboard.  The perfect way to make the home feel fancier for guests and the place to keep the good tableware so you don’t feel bad about your great aunt’s crystal glasses living in the attic.  No longer needing to dig them out from some dark spot, pushed behind everything else, you can … Read more