The Ultimate New House Checklist – Essentials To Buy For Your New House

Moving into a new house can be an exciting venture; from sprucing up the living room to ensuring your bathroom has all the necessities. To help you create a cosy, functional living space, we’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist for all the essentials that you may need for each room of your new house. 

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Things to Buy for Your Kitchen

Often called the heart of the home, the kitchen serves various functions from cooking meals to entertaining guests, and creating the perfect kitchen requires an array of tools and furniture.  

From quick breakfasts to elaborate dinner parties, the following items will ensure your kitchen is ready for any occasion.

1. Basic Kitchen Furniture

Setting up your kitchen starts with these essential pieces:

  • Kitchen table and chairs:
    This will create a comfortable space for meals and socialising.
  • Bin:
    An essential tool to maintain cleanliness.
  • Kettle:
    A must-have for hot beverages.
  • Toaster:
    Perfect for quick and easy breakfasts.
  • Microwave:
    Ideal for reheating leftovers or quick meals.

2. Cooking Essentials

Cooking becomes a pleasure with when you have the following tools:

  • Set of knives:
    A diverse range is crucial for various cutting tasks.
  • Cutting boards:
    It’s good to have different ones for raw and cooked food to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Can opener, peeler, and bottle opener:
    Small tools with a significant impact.
  • Measuring jug, scales, and thermometer:
    Precise measurements make for perfect dishes.
  • Mixing bowls:
    Essential for preparing many dishes.
  • Cookware:
    These include a good set of pots and pans, including a frying pan and saucepan.
  • Ladles, spatulas, wooden spoons, and whisks:
    Fundamental for a range of cooking tasks.
  • Sieve and colander:
    For rinsing, straining, and draining.
  • Oven gloves:
    To protect your hands from hot pans and trays.
  • Tea towels:
    Useful for drying dishes, wiping hands, or cleaning spills.
  • Timer:
    For precision in cooking and baking.

3. Eating and Serving Essentials

These items enhance the overall dining experience:

  • Diverse tableware:
    A selection of plates, bowls, cups, and mugs for different types of meals.
  • Cutlery set:
    Knives, forks, spoons for all your dining needs.
  • Glasses:
    A selection for various beverages, including drinking glasses and wine glasses.
  • Serving dishes:
    To make meal presentation special.
  • Placemats and coasters:
    To protect your table and add an aesthetic touch.
  • Salt and pepper shakers:
    These basic seasonings should always be at hand.
  • Trivets:
    Protect your surfaces from hot dishes.
  • Tablecloth:
    To complement your dining room’s decor.

4. Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen with:

  • Cleaning cloths:
    Various types like wiping cloths, sponges, and scourers for different tasks.
  • Cleaning products:
    Including washing up liquid, floor and window cleaning detergent, kitchen spray, and disinfectant.
  • Dish towels:
    For drying dishes, wiping hands, and tidying up spills.
  • Sweeping brush, dustpan, and brush:
    To keep your kitchen floor tidy.
  • Mop and bucket:
    For cleaning the floor thoroughly.
  • Vacuum cleaner:
    Perfect for quick clean-ups and cleaning hard-to-reach spots.
  • Storage solutions:
    Pantry organisers, spice racks, and more to keep your kitchen well-arranged.

Equipped with these items, your kitchen will be ready for any culinary challenge and dining experience! Enjoy the heart of your home – your kitchen!

Things to Buy for Your Living Room

Your living room is a space for relaxation and entertainment. Here’s a list of essentials that will make it a comfortable, functional, and attractive space:

1. Comfort Essentials

These items provide comfort and contribute to the overall functionality of your living room:

  • Seating:
    A comfortable sofa is essential, along with additional seating like armchairs or ottomans.
  • Cushions and Throw Blankets:
    They add a layer of comfort and can change the look of your furniture.
  • Tables:
    A coffee table serves as a focal point, while side tables offer a handy place for drinks, books, and more.
  • Light Fixtures:
    A combination of ambient lighting, like a floor or table lamp, and task lighting for specific activities like reading, creates a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Entertainment Essentials

Turn your living room into an entertainment hub and enjoy your downtime with these essentials:

  • Media Devices:
    A TV set and quality speakers for a perfect movie night. Don’t forget a TV stand or wall brackets for mounting, depending on your space.
  • WiFi Router:
    To stay connected and ensure your online entertainment runs smoothly.
  • Bookcase:
    Bookcases are perfect for displaying your book collection and decorative items.
  • Coasters:
    They not only protect your furniture from drink spills and heat but can also be an element of decor.

3. Decorative Essentials

Add personality and style to your living room with these elements:

  • Curtains or Blinds:
    Choose according to your taste and the amount of natural light you want in your room.
  • Artwork:
    Wall art, photographs, prints in picture frames, or even personal creations add an individual touch.
  • Plants:
    Indoor plants brighten up the space and provide fresh air.
  • Rugs:
    They anchor your furniture arrangement and add warmth to your living room.
  • Candles and Ornaments:
    They create a cosy atmosphere and can serve as conversation pieces.
  • Throws:
    These are multi-functional, providing warmth, protection for your furniture, and a stylistic element.

With these items, your living room will not only be ready for everyday use but also for hosting guests and special occasions. Remember, a living room reflects your style, so choose items that make you feel at home.

Things to Buy for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, where you relax, recharge, and start each day. Here’s a list of essentials that make it a cosy and functional haven:

1. Furniture Essentials

The right furniture creates a restful retreat and offers practical storage solutions:

  • Bed Frame:
    Invest in a sturdy, comfortable bed frame that fits your mattress perfectly.
  • Mattress:
    Choose a mattress that suits your comfort preferences for a good night’s sleep.
  • Bedside Table:
    Bedside tables are ideal for keeping essentials like books, phone, glasses, or a glass of water within arm’s reach.
  • Bedside Lamp:
    Perfect for night reading or creating a soothing ambience.
  • Chest of Drawers/Wardrobe:
    For organising clothing, accessories, and other personal items. Don’t forget hangers for clothes!
  • Full-Length Mirror:
    Handy for checking outfits and adding a sense of spaciousness to your room.
  • Desk and Chair:
    If you’re working from home, a dedicated workspace is crucial, so choosing a suitable desk and office chair is vital to ensure comfort and productivity during your working hours.
  • Storage Boxes:
    To keep less frequently used items tidied away.
  • Laundry Basket:
    For keeping your room neat and your laundry organised.

2. Bedding Essentials

Quality bedding is crucial to a good night’s sleep and adds a touch of luxury to your room:

  • Bedlinen:
    At least two sets are recommended (top tip – check the size of your mattress before!).
  • Duvet, Pillows, Duvet Cover and Pillowcases:
    These are fundamental to your sleeping comfort.
  • Mattress and Pillow Protectors:
    These are key to prolonging the life of your mattress and pillows and maintaining cleanliness.
  • Throw and Optional Cushions for Bed:
    These add an extra layer of comfort and style to your bed.

3. Personal Touch Essentials

These items add a layer of personality and functional charm to your space:

  • Decorative Pillows and Throw Blankets:
    These extras contribute to a cosy and stylish atmosphere.
  • Curtains/Blinds:
    Along with curtain rods/brackets, curtains and blinds these are necessary for light control and privacy.
  • Alarm Clock:
    A bedside clock to help you wake up on time.
  • Wall Decor:
    Photos, artwork, or plants make your space feel more personal and inviting.

Things to Buy for Your Bathroom

A well-appointed bathroom is not just about function but also about creating a space where you can relax and take care of yourself. Here is a list of must-haves to ensure your bathroom is functional, organised, and prepared for all activities:

1. Bath/Shower Essentials

These items will make your bathing routine smooth and enjoyable:

  • Shower Curtain and Rings:
    A necessity if your bathroom doesn’t come with a shower screen.
  • Bathmat:
    A bath mat ensures safety and comfort, helping to prevent slips after a bath or shower.
  • Towels:
    Soft bath towels, hand towels, and face cloths are bathroom staples.
  • Towel Rack:
    A proper place for hanging towels for easy access and proper drying.
  • Shower Supplies:
    Essentials such as a loofa, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash make for an invigorating bath/shower experience.
  • Robe Hooks:
    Practical for hanging bathrobes and towels.

2. Toilet Essentials

To keep your toilet functional, clean, and smelling fresh, consider the following:

  • Toilet Brush and Plunger:
    Necessary tools for keeping the toilet clean and free from clogs.
  • Toilet Roll and Holder:
    A must-have for any bathroom.
  • Bin:
    For disposing of non-flushable waste.
  • Hand Soap:
    For maintaining hygiene after each visit to the bathroom.
  • Air Freshener:
    A simple way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

3. First Aid Essentials

A basic first aid kit is a practical addition to any bathroom, especially for minor injuries:

  • Plasters
  • Bandages
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Thermometer
  • Small Scissors
  • Tweezers

4. Cleaning Products

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic is made easier with these essentials:

  • Bathroom Spray:
    For general cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Bleach:
    Useful for deep cleaning and sanitising.
  • Glass Cleaner:
    Ideal for mirrors and any glass surfaces.
  • Limescale Remover:
    To keep your bathroom fixtures free from limescale build-up.