6 Stunning Chimney Breast Alcove Ideas and Inspiration

Chimney breasts and alcoves, with their charming and unique architectural appeal, can often be overlooked in home design. However, they can bring about an incredible transformation to the room they’re in if used in the right way.

1. Chimney Breast Alcove Shelving

Shelving within the alcove of a chimney breast can enhance your living space in an instant. 

Whether you prefer rustic wooden shelves or modern, sleek designs, alcove shelving enhances aesthetics while adding functionality. 

It’s the ideal place for holding your favourite books, family photos, or even unique decor items. Balance is key: avoid cluttering while also steering clear of leaving too much empty space.

From the ‘Sanded Pine Shelf Kit’ from The Rangee, to the ‘Rapallo Wide Wall Shelf’, Flitch offers a large collection of options perfect for your chimney breast alcove. 

Remember, placing shelves on either side of the chimney breast can create an eye-catching symmetrical look.

2. Alcove Wardrobe Ideas

An alcove wardrobe is a perfect way to make use of the space in a bedroom with a chimney breast. 

Choosing between open shelves or doors will depend entirely on your personal preference, and lifestyle. Open shelves give you an opportunity to showcase your curated collection of clothing, accessories, or decorative items. 

On the other hand, opting for doors provides a more streamlined and orderly appearance, concealing stored items for a clean and minimalistic look. 

Alcove wardrobes take full advantage of vertical space, providing optimal storage while maintaining a seamless integration with your room’s design. The end result is a sophisticated look that makes the room appear more spacious and well-organised.
The ‘Waterloo Two-Door Wardrobe‘ from Furniture Village, or the ‘Fribo 2-Door Wardrobe’ are both small wardrobes which are perfect for being situated within an alcove.

3. Chimney Breast Alcove Cabinets

Alcove cabinets present a perfect solution to make use of space around a chimney breast or any recessed area in your home. 

Just as we explored with the above option when looking at cupboards, the choice between open shelving and cabinet doors largely depends on your personal taste and the intended use of the cabinet. Open shelves create an inviting display area, perfect for showcasing your favourite books, ornaments, or photo frames; they add a warm, relaxed feel to your space, making items easily accessible.

Conversely, cabinets with doors provide a clean, tidy appearance, offering a discrete storage solution; they effectively conceal your items, creating a sense of order and minimalism. 

Consider the materials and finishes that best match your décor. Whether you prefer the warm tones of natural wood or the modern appeal of painted finishes, ensure your alcove cabinet fits well within your existing interior design.
The ‘Lawson Oak & Charcoal Grey Cabinet’ or the ‘Eichholtz Grand Royale Cabinet‘ are both perfect cabinet options that can blend well into your alcove.

4. Alcove TV Unit Ideas

Using an alcove to house a TV unit or TV stand has many advantages, turning an often overlooked space into a focal point of your living area. 

Particularly in smaller homes or rooms with limited floor space, an alcove TV unit can free up valuable room, making your living area feel more spacious and uncluttered. 

From a design perspective, alcove TV units enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. They provide an opportunity to incorporate your personal style into the room, whether that’s sleek modern minimalism or warm rustic charm. 

Alcove TV units offer ample storage options for DVDs, gaming systems, remote controls, and other entertainment accessories. Whether you opt for open shelving or closed cupboards, you can keep your space tidy and organised. Closed units also protect valuable electronics from dust and potential damage.
Surround it with comfortable seating and select a stylish TV unit like the ‘Galicia Wall Mounted TV Unit‘ or the ‘Calibre Wide TV Stand‘ from Flitch for a complete entertainment setup.

5. Kitchen Alcove Ideas

Having a chimney breast in your kitchen opens up possibilities for extra storage, a stylish cooker hood, or even a feature wall with your pots and pans. 

If storage is a priority, fitting the alcove with open shelves or cabinets maximises its potential. It provides ample room for cookbooks, dinnerware, small appliances, or a decorative display of your favourite kitchenware. 

The alcove can also serve as a breakfast nook or coffee station. With the addition of a small table or counter, you can create a cosy spot for morning coffee, quick meals, or meal prep. 

Always keep functionality in mind to ensure that all of your items are easily reachable. 
Flitch offers a variety of kitchen-friendly pieces, from the ‘SoBuy Serving Trolley‘ to options such as the ‘180 cm Freestanding Kitchen Cupboard’.

6. Alcove Desk Ideas

Fitting a desk into an alcove makes excellent use of underutilised space. It’s an opportunity to establish a dedicated, functional work area in your home. 

One of the key advantages of fitting a desk into an alcove is the creation of a distinct workspace within your home. This separation helps establish a clear boundary between work and relaxation areas, promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Options such as the ‘Racing Style Gaming Desk‘, or the ‘Ocean Computer Desk with Shelves’ are perfect choices to consider for your alcove space.


From practical shelving to striking decor, chimney breasts and alcoves offer endless possibilities for enhancing your home. Embrace their unique charm and make them a feature to admire. 
Don’t forget, at Flitch we have an online interior design service where you can speak to a human stylist to help you choose the perfect pieces for your space. So, explore our stunning chimney breast alcove ideas and let your creativity take flight!