Top 10 Must Try Attic Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

An attic, often thought of as a dark and forgotten space tucked beneath a home’s roof, has the ability to carry immense potential.

While they’re historically underused, a simple secret to transforming them into functional and inviting rooms lies in the right lighting solutions.

In this article we’ll dive deep into attic lighting ideas, illuminating all the best options to elevate these cosy nooks.

10 Must Try Attic Lighting Ideas

Lighting has the power to enhance both functionality and ambiance, and nowhere is this more crucial than in attics. With the right lights, a loft transforms from a mere storage space to a room bursting with possibilities.

Vintage Chandeliers

The classic charm of vintage chandeliers can instantly make your attic feel like a room frozen in time. Perfect for reading nooks or attic-turned-living rooms, this light fixture adds elegance and style.

While modern designs flood the market, vintage chandeliers offer a touch of nostalgia, making them a favourite for those wanting to recapture an old-world feel.

LED Strip Lights

For modern attic designs, especially those catering to home offices or playrooms, LED strip lights offer flexibility. You can line them along the walls or the ceiling for a futuristic ambiance. They’re also energy efficient, perfect for long working or play hours.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lights let you control the brightness, colour, and even the on/off schedule from your phone or smart home system. This is particularly advantageous if your attic is a multi-purpose space, like an office by day and a relaxation zone by night. 

Such technology-forward solutions can personalise the attic experience, making it convenient and efficient.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are not just about illumination; they also act as design pieces. Positioned correctly, they can highlight artwork or be used to create cosy reading nooks in the attic corners.

When strategized in layout, wall sconces can bring out the architectural details of the attic or even help to spotlight cherished personal items.

Recessed Lighting

An ideal solution for attics with lower ceilings. Recessed lights provide even illumination while optimising headroom. They’re sleek, modern, and don’t intrude into the space.

Especially in tighter attic spaces, these lights can make the area feel larger and more open, sidestepping the issue of hanging fixtures that may impede movement.

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Skylight Fixtures

Natural light is a boon for any space. Enhance your attic’s skylight with fixtures that can either diffuse harsh sunlight or add illumination during the evening.

This not only promotes energy efficiency but also merges the indoor and outdoor feelings, offering a serene and relaxing environment, especially during sunny afternoons or starry nights.

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Pendant Lights

Suspended from the ceiling, pendant lights give a stylish focal point to attics, especially those with higher ceilings or designed as dining or relaxation areas.

Pendant lights can be chosen based on room theme or personal style, and they effectively break the monotony, adding a layer of sophistication to the attic space.

Task Lighting

For attics turned into craft rooms or workspaces, task lights, like adjustable desk lamps or crafting light stands, are vital. They ensure adequate light right where you need it.

Having dedicated task lighting enhances productivity and ensures that detailed tasks, from sewing to writing, are conducted with precision.

Ambient Floor Lamps

These are perfect for transforming your attic into a serene lounge or reading area. With various designs, from modern to rustic, they can complement any attic style. 

Moreover, the mobility of floor lamps allows you to change the ambiance as needed, providing versatility in lighting moods as per the occasion or mood.

Coloured Bulbs 

Transform the mood of your attic space with coloured bulbs. Whether it’s a cool blue for relaxation or a passionate red for creativity, colours can significantly influence your mood. 

Depending on the desired atmosphere, these bulbs can shift the room’s ambience from calm to energetic. For instance, warm yellows can mimic sunset hues, providing a serene environment in the evening.

How to Assess Your Attic Space?

Before plunging into lighting options, it’s important for you to understand your attic’s unique features. Evaluating factors like its size, layout, and the amount of natural light your attic has access to helps in choosing the perfect lighting fixtures. And if you’re unsure, Fitch’s interior stylist service can guide you through.

Size of the Attic

The size dictates the number and intensity of lights needed. For larger attics, combining ambient, task, and accent lights works wonders.

Layout and Ceiling Height

A complex layout or lower ceiling may benefit from recessed lighting to optimise headroom, while high ceilings can beautifully showcase pendant lights.

Existing Natural Light Sources

If your attic benefits from generous natural light, consider lighting fixtures that complement rather than compete. Dimmable lights or translucent lamp shades can work wonders.

Intended Use of the Space

Is your attic a playroom, an office, or a storage area? Depending on its purpose, the lighting needs will vary. An office might require brighter, task-oriented lights, while a playroom could benefit from colourful, fun lighting options.


Reimaging attic spaces begins with lighting. As we’ve showcased, various attic lighting ideas can magically turn a once neglected space into the heart of your home. Remember to evaluate your attic’s specifics, align fixtures with its design, and most importantly, let your creativity shine. Whether it’s for storage, work, or relaxation, let your attic light up your life.